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Constantly helping the construction sector to transform into complete digitalization
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Software Solutions Developed

Ambert IT competently offers IT solutions to digitalize and streamline an otherwise complex construction process. The custom software solutions intend to deliver end-to-end support for optimum operational efficiency and drive innovation. We also emphasize software development for green building business processes, rendering a streamlined and flawless process. Listed here is the full range of our construction software portfolio.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Inspection Management
  • Project Management
  • Construction Integrations
  • Customer Portal
  • Partner Portal
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Project Onboarding and Training

Construction ERP Software

Implement a prolific ERP software suite to manage and centralize the lifecycle of the entire construction project. A single unified system manages all, from equipment procurement to resource planning. Other utilities include inventory management, contractor management, and finances. Furthermore, the software suite assets and budget management.
  • Delivering a standardized and uniform UX across all modules
  • Converged and standardized infrastructure incorporating data points
  • Single access deployment for all core functions such as payroll and accounting
  • Other core functions deployments such as maintenance planning and project management
  • End-to-end analytics and reporting
  • Maximize your asset utilization across multiple site locations
  • Organize predictive maintenance
  • Rapid compliance checks along with regular status monitoring
  • Improving visibility across all the processes and functions
  • Minimize paperwork requirement
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Project Management Software

The project management software efficiently monitors the lifecycle of the entire project while overseeing the costing and quality of the results. The project management software solution streamlines the entire operation with efficient team management and task assignment. Also, the software facilitates information exchange with effective team collaboration tools.
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  • Risk management and budget planning
  • Strategic monitoring of project lifecycle
  • Includes onsite and offsite utilities
  • Focus on quality deliverables
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Inspection Management Software

Site assessments are integral to setting project lifecycles in motion. Our inspection management suite effortlessly streamlines the process to minimize risk and implement complete compliance with all applicable protocols. We emphasize heavily on maintaining optimum data security standards, ensuring the complete integrity of your project.
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  • Granular data analysis to develop a full-scale report
  • Complete inspections with an overview of corrective actions
  • Secured sharing of documents across all stakeholder portals
  • Assigning inspection tasks and their frequencies
  • Develop and pursue custom checklists addressing various scenarios