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Digital Healthcare Solutions

Amber Tech delivers custom healthcare software integration solutions. As the healthcare vertical evolves at a fast pace, we are thrilled to be a part of this novel venture. Our comprehensive outlook incorporates all aspects of healthcare solutions, including hospitals, hospices, clinics, and rehabilitation centers. Our efficiency rests in providing solutions that harmonize the patient’s point of view with the organizational perspective. We also cover custom software development for healthcare device

manufacturers. Our extensive knowledge about standard healthcare protocols such as HIPAA and HL7 enables us to develop highly compatible digital products.

The objective of Amber Tech is to enable healthcare facilities to streamline their operations effectively. At the same time, our healthcare portfolio emphasizes providing viable solutions addressing individual patient concerns.

HL7 Interface Development Process

The HL7 is an advanced communications protocol in the healthcare niche. It facilitates seamless information flow between various applications. Deploying the Health Level 7 protocol enables healthcare operators to maintain a secured and clean information management system. The HL7 planning process involves several key steps.

  • Analysis stage: We devise the exact interface requirements following direct client/vendor interaction.
  • Document formulation: You receive a generic document for interface specification.
  • Interface specifications: We follow up with a specification document.
  • Object model design and database setup
  • Developing the interface design
  • Testing and execution of the HL7 interface
  • HL7 interface deployment at the development environment of the vendor
  • HL7 interface deployment at the production environment of the client
  • Live support
  • Enhancement and total maintenance of the existing interfaces

HL7 FHIR Integration

The FHIR is an information exchange standard in healthcare utilizing the ‘resources’ set by HL7 to facilitate sharing. The sharing of information is processed by various means, including messages, services, documents, and RESTful interfaces.


The RESTful web services form the core of FHIR design instead of the SOAP web services employed in most IHE profiles. Using the RESTful web services entails incorporating basic HTTP operations such as Update, Read, Create, and Delete.

Capabilities for HL7 Integration

Amber Tech has extensive experience with the updated versions of the HL7 protocol, including Version 2, Version 3, and the CDA. We take cognizance of all key aspects of HL7 Integration.

  • The co-existence of the evolutionary development path from HL7 Version 2 and CDA standards.
  • Employing a strong foundation in different Web Standards such as HTTP, XML, JSON, O Auth, and Atom.
  • Supporting the RESTful architecture to enable a seamless exchange of information via CCD documents and messages.

Healthcare Software Solutions

Our dedicated professionals are always at work to deliver value-based solutions enriching the healthcare sector. We emphasize developing highly secured digital products to ensure complete safety for sensitive healthcare data.
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Internet of medical things

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Remote medical care

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Digital health records

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Health awareness

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Hospital information systems

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Data engines

Latest Healthcare Technology Trends

Stay on top of the healthcare technology trends with our software inventory. We specialize in developing telehealth applications with an added focus on making healthcare services more accessible. We also develop highly secured mHealth applications. In addition, we insist on developing Meaningful Use (MU) health applications for better quality and cost control.
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Custom Software Development for the
Healthcare Vertical

We aim to empower healthcare service providers with mission-critical software solutions. Access our broad suite of solutions and services to cover your healthcare needs effectively.
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  • User-friendly mobile health apps
  • Secure video calling apps
  • Custom physician portal
  • Health information systems
  • Medical hardware integration
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions
  • ICD-10 Transition

we have interfaced with

  • EPIC
  • Cerner
  • Allscripts
  • McKesson
  • HBOC
  • Siemens
  • Athena
  • Kareo
  • Clover Leaf/Quavodox
  • E-Gate
  • Medltech
  • Many other healthcare systems and interface engines